Chicken Relleno- Stuffed Chicken tailored to your palette with beef, pork and sausages. $35 

Turkey Relleno- Stuffed tailored to your palette with chicken, beef, pork and sausages $85

Beef Relleno- Stuffed Beef Roll tailored to your palette with chicken, pork and sausages 

$Market Price

Pork shoulder Relleno- Stuffed pork shoulder tailored to your palette with beef, chicken and sausages- $90

Large Pan Lasagna- choice of Beef, chicken, turkey, vegetarian- $90 

Large Pan of Pancit- chicken with shiitake Mushrooms, beef or pork sausages, cabbage carrots- $80


Fruit Platter- Medley of seasonal fruit Small $35, Medium $55, Large $80

Vegetable Platter –Medley of seasonal vegetables Small $35, Medium $55, Large $80

Cheese platter- Assorted Cheeses with crackers and fruit garnish Small $35, Medium $55, Large $80



Rice cake   $3.00 each slice, $18 for ½ tray 

Leche Flan $3 each slice, $18 for ½ tray

Carioca –deep fried Rice flour balls coated with brown sugar 3 for $2.00 each 

Brownie Bar-  $3.00 each

Turon- plantain bananas wrapped with jackfruit and brown sugar   $2.00 each

Turon -plaintain bananas with cream cheese and brown sugar $2,00 each

Latiya- Chamorro cake and custard topping-  $3.00 per slice, $20 ½ tray