Our Story

Growing up in a household of Multicultural and diverse family we learn about flavors that are similar and yet different. Learning, tasting and exchanging recipes over the years created understanding of family love  and community engagement. It is the passion to make events a memorable moment for each person we come across.  A special love and thank you  to my children,  nieces, nephews and siblings for encouragement throughout the years. 

Support from family and friends are important to the success of implementing an idea. There are people who walk in your life for a moment to help. Ron L. Salazar was a dear friend, supporter and advisor who loved to help everyone and the communities he served, especially in Chicago, IL. He encouraged your talent and not to be afraid to start and make your dreams happen. Although Ron is no longer with us physically, his love, dedication and memory of his time with each of us makes him always present. Whether it's a Farmer's Market, at restaurants, in a home or with a cultural organization, Ron is alive in our hearts. May his guidance continue from heaven as our guardian Angel.

Dedicated to Ron Lucius Salazar

Ron Salazar, 2016 Chicago Asian Coalitio