August 30, 2020

Growing up from a child to an adult is not easy. Being an adult In the midst of COVID 19, changes occur everyday, goals and dreams appear and disappear. I am writing this piece because it is to help others by expressing that you are not alone. I started VS Pandanggo for income because my corporate work was outsourced overseas. I lost income but there was hope with having unemployment benefits and the Pandemic Stimulus. I understand there are those who are not as lucky as I am. There was always a plan B in my life no matter what comes my way. Thus, at this age, I said to myself, after years of watching my kids grow up I have to make this work. There are many levels of expressing given gifts and talents to make things work in the food and hospitality industry or whatever industry you want to be in. Wahtever your plans and goals may be, start by realizing what is in front of you, accepting the fact that changes have occurred, will occur and that you want a change. Starting small, taking a risk in yourself and having the will to commit to yourself helps you to become who you want and plan to be. What are your stories to becoming you to share and help others?